‘No worst, there is none’*

So, the Nov 8 2016 US Presidential election has proven, once again, that reactionary, right-wing politics go hand in hand with anti-intellectualism, contempt for rational discourse, and disdain for creativity and critique. 

I hope this blog will remind readers that the intelligentsia, urban or not, has a lot to contribute to the conversations and polemics and stories and poems and paintings and sculpture and songs that initiate, preserve, and extend human rights and freedoms.

We are going to need a lot of all that discussion, advocacy, and analysis over the next four years.

*Gerard Manley Hopkins, a line from one of his ‘terrible’ sonnets.


Now…back to the Partisan Review…1937.



One thought on ““No Worst,There is None”*

  1. Well said. We have to work as if we’re in the early days of a better country. Trump is a farcical buffoon, and dangerous. Most unsettling is his confident and sociopathic adoption of an eloquent ‘statesmanlike’ manner.

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